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In 2008, when the  State Government of Colima granted me the Colima Award for Merit in Arts, in a conversation with my teacher and mentor Jorge Chávez Carrillo, arose the idea  of editing a book that, unlike an exhibition catalogue narrates the museographic idea of ​​an exhibition, would show the history and way of formation that ends in the sample of my proposal of abstract painting. Unfortunately Don Jorge is no longer with us.
The idea matured and in the tutelage and energy of Don Victor Manuel Cardenas, and his idea of ​​relating my painting to poetry and local poets. He  first met the art critic Miguel González Virgen who expressed great enthusiasm to formalize a critical analysis that would make coherent and structure the book in question, was the guide for the selection of work and served as the basis for the other actors. Tita Ochoa after several sessions of conversation and interviews formed a synthesis of my biography as a monologue.
Víctor Manuel Cardenas narrated with his words, a synthetic interpretation of my work resulting in a beautiful poetic apology of my pictorial work. To the call of integration, Guillermina Cuevas with her Jitanjáfora to flatter me, Ada Aurora Sánchez, Marco Jáuregui and Carlos Ramírez Vuelvas, with their contributions of poetic prose, ended up formalizing a chest of beautiful contributions.
My friend Dan
iel Hernández and his company Mellon Servicios Creativos, showed enthusiasm to the project and hired Paty Montoya to assemble and create this book. Now we enjoy the humor saying that the one who is now the Senior Designer of Mellon can look for a job when the project is finished.
Héctor Boix also overflowed with enthusiasm in the perfection of the photographic material presented throughout the book. Also some photographies he did of me and pictorially intervened by myself with oil colors are included in it.
All of the people mentioned contributed with their work in a wonderful way to accompany my painting. The book was formalized as part of a process that began at the University of Colima. The editorial will  missing at that times  is now shown to us by the State Government through the Federal Culture Secretariat and the Culture Secretariat of the State of Colima. I mention Víctor Uribe at the head of the edition as editorial coordinator.
And in order to financially complete the realization of the book, it was agreed to involve a certain number of sponsors :
Peña Colorada, Recycled Concretes, Sibarita Logistics and the Board of the State Center for Cancerology,  making so possible a gratification to the main contributors of the content of the book. We especially thank everyone of them.
I want to mention the beautiful work of Sericolor chaired by Miguel Uribe that after much attention to quality and correction of errors, suggestions and projections led to the final this edition consisting of 1000 copies.

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