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Painting, like poetry or music, are languages spoken by an artist in idioms that tend to escape regional dialect. 

At the start, the artist’s proposition nourishes itself with axioms, personal and local elements. And then the chrysalis: constantly striving to have color and form reach a universal self.

Javier Fernandez’s concern with his relation with and to the world is a primary motivation for his expression. He has sought and found points on the figurative and literal horizon that give impetus to the energy in works that distinguish him.

Javier moves.

He was born in a provincial family, geographically nestled in Colima--a small tropical paradise on the Mexican occidental coast.

 As a young man, he traveled to Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City to study and explore.

Equally interested in architecture, business and art, he travelled on to London, Santander and finally to Paris where, in 1984, art became second only to his desire for family. In 1986, he returned to his dear Colima. It was there that he formed a family with Sarah Vincent and painted. And it is from there that he continues to travel and evolve as an artist and a man.

Internationally known now, Javier has had more than 40 individual exhibitions and his work has been included in countless group shows.

His encounters make him speak many languages: his language. His personal world expands itself striving always for universal.

Javier Fernández  

Francisco Javier Fernández Cárdenas  October 3rd, 1951. Colima, Col. Mexico

-Estudios: Architecture  ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico 1976

-Art promotor I.U.B.A, Universidad de Colima, Mexico 1978

-M.B.A.   I.P.A.D.E.  Cd de Mexico 1982-1984


 -Award of merit in Arts 2008 from the State Government of Colima.  

 -Homage  in the 12th Art Week 2013. IUBA-UdeC 

. Entrance to the 2015 Mexican Culture Seminar Corresponsalía Colima


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