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Painting, like poetry or music, are languages spoken by an artist in idioms that tend to escape regional dialect. 

At the start, the artist’s proposition nourishes itself with axioms, personal and local elements. And then the chrysalis: constantly striving to have color and form reach a universal self.

Javier Fernandez’s concern with his relation with and to the world is a primary motivation for his expression. He has sought and found points on the figurative and literal horizon that give impetus to the energy in works that distinguish him.

Javier moves.

He was born in a provincial family, geographically nestled in Colima--a small tropical paradise on the Mexican occidental coast.

 As a young man, he traveled to Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City to study and explore.

Equally interested in architecture, business and art, he travelled on to London, Santander and finally to Paris where, in 1984, art became second only to his desire for family. In 1986, he returned to his dear Colima. It was there that he formed a family with Sarah Vincent and painted. And it is from there that he continues to travel and evolve as an artist and a man.

Internationally known now, Javier has had more than 40 individual exhibitions and his work has been included in countless group shows.

His encounters make him speak many languages: his language. His personal world expands itself striving always for universal.

Javier Fernández  

Francisco Javier Fernández Cárdenas  October 3rd, 1951. Colima, Col. Mexico

-Estudios: Architecture  ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico 1976

-Art promotor I.U.B.A, Universidad de Colima, Mexico 1978

-M.B.A.   I.P.A.D.E.  Cd de Mexico 1982-1984


 -Award of merit in Arts 2008 from the State Government of Colima.  

 -Homage  in the 12th Art Week 2013. IUBA-UdeC 

 Individual Exhibitions

2016  EL COLOR DEL VALLE” Real Hacienda, Villa de Alvarez, Col.

2014      In tandem. Intervened Photos by Héctor Boix. Image Museum (IMU) Colima

2013       Colorfonías. Homage 12th Art Week. IUBA.Pinacoteca Universitaria Colima

2012             Cultural Center Gabriel Garcia Marquez,  Bogota Colombia. (august 30th)

2010             Solo. Monica Saucedo Gallery in Colima, Col

2009             Relámpago Sostenido (Sustained Lightning). Alfonso Michel University Gallery.Colima

                    Caja Blanca Gallery Mexico, D:F:

                     Uno Gallery, Pto. Vallarta, Jal.  January 7th.

2008             Koans, Arck Gallery, París Francia

                     Uno Gallery, Puerto Vallarta Jal.  Mexico.

‘05-‘06-‘07  Arck Gallery, Paris France

2006             Conciencia Mineral. (Mineral Conscience) University Gallery, Colima University, Colima

2005             Garcia-Laporte Gallery, Paris, France

2004              Arck Gallery Paris, France

2003           Enluna  Gallery, Manzanillo, Mexico

2001            French Alliance,  Polanco,  Mexico D.F.

                  Judith Ewin Morlan Gallery, Puerto Vallarta. Mexico.(also in 2002 and 2003)

2000           Itinerante Exhibition (coordinated by the Secretariat of Culture of the State Government of Colima y el F.O.N.C.A.)

                      May:  Ex-convent del Carmen, Guadalajara, Jal.

                      June: University Gallery. Morelia, Mich.-August: Visual Arts Center. Aguas Calientes    

                  Sept. : Ex- Temple of San Agustín, Zacatecas.---Oct. : Tequisquíapan Cultural  Center, Qtaro..

                  «Horizontales and Verticales ». Colima. Town Hall. Mexico

1999           « Colores de Atmósfera »  (Colors of Atmosphere) Colima University Gallery,  Mexico

1998           Klimt Gallery, Colima, Mexico

                  Pacifico Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1996           Uno Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Yearly from 1991 to 1996 )

1995           Regional History Museum ,  Colima. Mexico

1994           Galería de Arte Moderno, Guadalajara, Mexico

                  Ann Howard Gallery, Washington Depot, Connecticut, USA

1993           José María Velasco Gallery, Mexico, D.F.

                  Regional History Museum,  Colima. Mexico

                  Ramis Barquet Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1987           Etienne de Causans Gallery, Paris, France

1986           Utopia Gallery, Saint-Etienne, France

1985           House of Mexico, University Campus, Paris, France

1983           Colima Cultural Center  ( also in 1987,1988 and 1989)

Group Shows (Selection)

2010              MONAE. National Graphic Folder.Centenario-Bicentenario. Cd de México  and in 19 other countries

2005           « Le courrier s’expose »,(The Mail get exhibited) Collection Michel Bohbot. Bibliothèque de Rennes , May-July. France.

                   Graphic workshop with the group M28  in « La Parota » , Colima,  Madrid, Spain

2004            Bastille Contemporary Art Market, Paris. France

2002           « Un Taller en Colima »  (A Worshop in Colima) with the group  Mayor 28 . Madrid. Spain.

                  III Bienal. Monterrey, N.L Mexico 

                  III Bienal « Alfonso Michel », Colima, Mexico.

1985           Boulev’Art, Nîmes. France. Urban Painting. Toros (Bulls).

1983           and in 1984  Five shows with the group Martes 8:30.

1979           Itinerante exhibition A.N.U.I.E.S., representing the U. de Colima


1978           Concert-Exhibition, Club Santiago, Manzanillo, Mexico

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